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Being creative employing source code

In the beginning was the word. In my adolescent years it was my burning desire to describe the world and help to change it for the better – by means of polished rhetoric. The job of my dreams: columnist at the ZEIT.

In the nineties this aspiration was superseded little by little by a computer-centered layout desire, leading to a »DTP side trip«. Finally, while on duty as an editor of Mac MAGAZIN 1995, the World Wide Web provides me with a truly awakening experience.

The Hypertext based part of the global internet, still in the early stages of development, casted a spell over me. Getting involved in this HTML stuff and to participate in »weaving the web«, it seemed to me like a calling.

It was far more than a »job« to me combining editorial tasks, design aspects and programming source code – it became a truly passion.